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Welcome to Eloquent Learning Health part of Eloquent Health & Wellness.  We are passionate about empowering healthcare professionals to reach their dreams, seize the opportunities given to them and enabling them to deliver quality service to their patients backed by science and linked to practice. Even though our main focus is in the field of advanced wound care training, we also share our experiences in related areas, such as starting and running your own health care practice, to guide our clients through the possible hurdles they might face.


Science based

Science based

Our training centre is constantly involved in research projects and courses are based on solid scientific evidence, global guidelines and best practices.


Our courses are relevant and current, and we take pride in the effort we spend on attending international educational events to ensure the relevance of the material we present.


Putting theorie into practice is one of our main focus points during our specialised courses, and students gain valuable experience through the practical sessions that form part of the courses.
CPD accredited

CPD accredited

Our courses are CPD accredited and recognised by several institutions.


Training for individuals

We specialise in training courses for individuals within the field of wound care and related specialisation areas.  Our training courses are evidence based on current international best practice and have a strong practical component to ensure that students are equiped not only with the theory, but also with the actual skills and practicalities of wound care.

Corporate training options

Apart from the standard training courses presented periodically, we also do customised training events for corporate groups in the field of wound care.  We have presented to several pharmaceutical and hospital groups over that past few years. Should you have such a need, please contact us.


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