Nikus du Toit

BA HMS, BSc (Biokinetics)

Nikus du Toit started his career as a registered Biokineticist at Linda Strydom Biokineticists in 2013 where he practiced for 4 years before opening his own practice in 2018.

He loves working with people and has a passion for the elderly which has been his main area of focus for the past 5 years. Nicus has the following special interests within the field of biokinetics

  • Cardiac rehabilitation - The heart is the most amazing organ and muscle in the entire human body. It is also the most important (obviously).
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation - Realizing that the whole body is connected and to find out how, for example; the ankle affects the knees and hips or how shoulder conditions affect the neck, is something special.
  • Health promotion - Just seeing how a person's quality of life affects their emotional drive makes everything worthwhile.


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