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Charles Nel

BA HMSHons (SportSci), BA HMSHons (Biokinetics)

Charles Nel is a passionate biokineticist and sports scientist. Working with individuals from all walks of life, Charles aims to improve the quality of life of his patients by using scientifically based exercise programmes. In this way, exercise becomes the method of treatment.

As a TUKS athlete himself, Charles understands the importance of practising biokinetics from a holistic perspective. The whole person with their physical and psychological conditions is a point of focus.

At Eloquent Health & Wellness Charles focusses on Rehabilitation, general weight loss, fitness and wellness, individual sport specific testing and program prescription, vitality assessments, final phase of stroke rehabilitation.  He also focusses on exercise programmes and advice for athletes with regard to their speed and performance and also includes NASA & German space technology as part of his practice at Eloquent Health & Wellness.

Charles Nel


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